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We are the developers of the professional and proven Linux HPC/Storage Cluster OS Qlustar. Qlustar is open source and available at no cost. Amazingly simple to setup, extend, operate, monitor and update. It's all you need to turn your networked servers into a powerful compute cluster running your simulation codes and/or a fast and scalable parallel filesystem. Qlustar is performant, scalable, reliable and secure, providing the basis of many HPC and storage clusters worldwide.

Q-Leap - Your Cluster Partner

Do you need help in designing and setting up your HPC system? Have the demand for a fast and reliable storage cluster? Simply want commercial support for your Qlustar installation? Maybe you additionally require full management of your HPC applications? Either way, we're the right partner for the job with our expertise that will guide and support you through all steps concerning cluster computing. Our customers rely on our knowhow since more than 1 1/2 decades and so can you.

We have been succesfully using Qlustar on our HPC cluster for almost three years, and appreciate its functionality and stability.

- Dr. Lars Kaislaniemi

Department of Geosciences and Geography, University of Helsinki, Finland

We have a Q-Leap supported Lustre system in production since more than 5 years. It serves user data for many large Compute Clusters. During this time, Q-Leap provided very good support and was able to deliver great solutions to complex problems many times.

- Roland Laifer

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

We have been running a Qlustar cluster for parallel 3D image processing since 2006. We would absolutely recommend Qlustar to others looking for a reliable and performant Cluster Operating System! The fact that it is completely Linux based not only makes it easy to use, it is also very flexible and future-proof.

- Dr. Kai Ludwig

Electron Microscopy

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