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Q-Leap - The company behind Qlustar

Qlustar Data Clusters

Based on the Qlustar DataStack, we install, support and operate Linux HPC storage clusters for our costumers since 2005. The Qlustar DataStack supports the most popular storage clustering technologies: Parallel filesystems like Lustre and BeeGFS as well as block and object storage drivers like Ceph.

Complementing the various storage cluster stacks, Qlustar comes with fully integrated support for the ZFS filesystem. This allows the implementation of software-defined storage solutions with unparalleled data protection and convenient features like on-the-fly compression. Completing the picture, the corresponding QluMan storage management modules provide a simple-to-use yet powerful front-end to deploy and operate storage clusters of all size and capacity.

Contact us, if you need help designing and/or setting up your storage clusters or want to know more about Qlustar and its possibilities.

We provide Cluster Knowhow you can rely on
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