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Q-Leap - The company behind Qlustar

Qlustar HPC Clusters

Based on the Qlustar HPC stack, we install, support and operate Linux HPC clusters for our costumers since 2001. Additionally, to many of our customers, we provide HPC application level services targeting open-source as well as commercial applications. The Qlustar HPC Stack contains all components necessary, to render a networked server farm based on off-the-shelf hardware into a high-performance compute cluster.

Qlustar is designed to handle small, medium and even the largest clusters with minimum effort but maximum control and efficiency. It shows, that many years of experience in the creation, management and operation of powerful Linux clusters has contributed to its underlying technology.

Contact us, if you need help designing and/or setting up your HPC clusters or want to know more about Qlustar and its possibilities.

We provide Cluster Knowhow you can rely on
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